EBDS Facilitator, Anette Fuller

Anette Fuller
Licensed Davis® Dyslexia Correction Facilitator

Licensed Davis Autism Approach® Facilitator/Coach

Anette Fuller is the founder of East Bay Dyslexia Solutions.

Anette is trained as a High School science teacher, and has worked in education for many years - but it was her experience as a mother of two dyslexic children and a wife of a dyslexic husband, which led her to Davis.

It was during her search for knowledge to support her son, that she found and read the book The Gift of Dyslexia by Ronald D. Davis. She sought help from a licensed Davis Facilitator and saw how her son's self esteem soared during the program. On the last day he went off and read for hours - for fun!

Anette was thrilled to see her son become a successful and confident boy - so confident that he is now a peer teaching assistant in 7th grade English! His success inspired her to become a Davis Facilitator herself and she now enjoys unlocking other dyslexics' amazing potential.

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East Bay Dyslexia Solutions' Client Testimonials

"This is amazing. I can see all the letters and words now. I don't have to guess anymore!"

- 37 year old female client

"We are so grateful for your generosity in working with [my son] this week. I really think you are an answer to our prayers for help in understanding [our son]. Thank you for your kindness and your patience. [He] has seemed so relaxed this week, I think feeling so hopeful for being able to read and understand things that [in the past] have seemed so confusing."

- Mother of 10 year old client

"I feel much calmer and relaxed now. I can keep my energy level down and center myself when I go into new situations. This has given me different life experiences altogether. When in social settings, I can keep up a conversation and don't get so exhausted."

- 62 year old male client

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